Faith & the Devil: an installation by Lesley Dill. The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia


Divide Light. Performance conceived and directed by Lesley Dill, music composed by Richard Marriott. Film by Ed Robbins, 2008-09. 82 min DVD.


We Are Animals of Language. Documentary film about Lesley Dill by Ed Robbins, 2005-07. 52 min DVD.


I Dismantle. Performance by Lesley Dill, Brooklyn, NY. Film by Christine Redfern. Music by Thomas Edward Morgan and Lesley Dill sung by the Ars Nova Singers, Boulder, Colarado, 2006. 6 min DVD.


I Heard A Voice. Archival film document of the performance conceived by Lesley Dill with Thomas Morgan in collaboration with Ars Nova Singers. Evergreen Culture Center, Coquitlam, BC, Canada, June 29, 2003. 44 min VHS.

Loaded Gun: Life, and Death, and Dickinson. Documentary film with appearances by Lesley Dill, Julie Harris, and Billy Collins. Produced by Steve Gentile and Jim Wolpaw in association with iTVS, WGBH, and The Center for Independent Documentary, 2002. 60 min VHS.

Tongues on Fire: Visions and Ecstasy. Documentary Film community project by Lesley Dill with the Spiritual Choir of Emmanuel Baptist church Winston Salem, NC. Film by students of the North Carolina School of the Arts, 2001. 10 min VHS; 14 min DVD.

Lesley Dill, Artist: Performance Work 1995-99. Directed, produced, edited by Ed Robbins. 43 min DVD. (Segments of three performance pieces on one disc: “Worst Case Scenario,” NYC 1999 Goldhuber & Latsky. 15 min; “Speaking Dress,” Paris, France, 1996. 14 min; “Sometimes I Feel Skinless,” NYC 1995. 14 min.)

Sometimes I Feel Skinless. Performance by Lesley Dill. Film by Ed Robbins. George Adams Gallery, New York City, October 12, 1995. 10 min VHS; 14 min DVD.

Worst Case Scenario. Archival film documentation of the performance by Lesley Dill with Goldhuber & Latksy. The Whitney Museum of American Art, Philip Morris Branch, New York City, June 4, 1998. 60 min VHS. Second performance at PS 122, April 25, 1999. 60 min archival VHS; 15 min DVD.

Paris Speaking Dress. Performance film by Lesley Dill. Film by Ed Robbins, curated by Bill T. Jones. Maison des Arts de Creteil, Paris. April 1996. 10 min VHS; 14 min DVD.

Six Degrees of Collaboration. Documentary of the Art/Music Collaboration of Lesley Dill and Thomas Edward Morgan. Produced and directed by Patrick Wilkinson, 2007. 13 min DVD.