MICA, Baltimore, MD


Giclee, photopolymer, stamp printing on Japanese handmade kozo paper, with jute and bamboo

120 x 115 in

To celebrate our twentieth anniversary in the context of "Paper in Flight," Hand Papermaking invited New York City artist Lesley Dill to create a giant handmade paper kite in collaboration with kite maker Scott Skinner and master printmaker/papermaker Gail Deery. The collaboration began as a series of emails and telephone conference calls, followed by the sharing of drawings and photos, escalating into large-scale models being express-shipped from New York City to Baltimore, to Colorado, and back. The production of the kite culminated during a one-week period in late February 2006. Dill, Skinner, Deery, and 21 students, worked together in the studios at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), to fabricate a ten-foot kite titled Divide Light /Healing Man).

Prior to their time together at MICA, the artist shared some of her thoughts about the project: "The image of a healing, dancing man in the sky is based on Buddhist vocabulary. His heart is open like a flower, and the language of poetry, here, Emily Dickinson, runs through his veins. One does not necessarily think of light as "dividable." Light is even more intangible than air, which as its vehicle is light enough. In this double meaning, light not only illuminates, but its nature defines the defying of gravity itself. Our very existence divides light. Light pours down on us, reveals us, and biologically and metaphorically speaking, awakens us. Kites live in between light and air. The air lifts and suspends the kite, and the light reveals the image, the presence of it. Personally I think it is a kind of magic. Similar to the awareness of a thought newly sprung to mind, so springs the kite to the sky. An object in an objectless ceiling."