I was born with a veil. 2001.

Photo collage, ink, thread, silver leaf on paper. 14 x 11 in.

A Gentle Flame

By David J. Brown

Tongues on Fire : Visions and Ecstasy Exhibition Catalogue

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art

Life is big, fast, and complicated. What we perceive as reality is only the reflection of a system of learned and manufactured responses to our environment and our culture. We are bombarded inescapably by messages that we're too fat, can't function without new gizmos, need to invest in promising stocks, and are helpless when it comes to global warming or voting for a president. Distracted by such fare, we pay too little attention to the tiny acts that connect us to one another. We overlook life's poignant moments, those that give substance to mystery.

In Tongues on Fire: Visions and Ecstasy, Lesley Dill looks beyond the limited mask of reality-or, as she refers to it, "the normal cadence of life." Her artistic investigation began with the seemingly simple yet complex act of availing her soul to hundreds of residents from this region, in the process of making herself very vulnerable. Her selfless generosity opened many door, led to the formation of strong personal relationships, and charted a vibrant new direction for her work and life.

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