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Dill Studio Internship-Apprenticeship

Lesley Dill Studio engages cheerful, peaceful, and hard-working interns to assist with experimental ongoing work. The internship involves direct engagement with the work. We will be working with metalfabric and paper in making small and large sculptures as well as small and large drawings/paintings.


In this internship you will work hands on with Lesley and her lead assistants who will give teaching demos on the different techniques used for the works. Interns will be trained and should ideally have or are working towards a BFA or BA and be comfortable working independently and taking initiative. This is an opportunity to see how a well-established artist runs her studio as well as a chance to learn new skills we will teach you.

As an intern the studio offers the opportunity to learn about the art field from various visitors, themed lunches and impromptu talks about the art world. Interns will be taught about the collaborative process that goes into art making.

Lesley Dill Studio is looking for someone skilled in working with their hands (using an exact-o blade, hand-sewing, working with paper, paint) to join us in various projects this summer 2019.
We will be cutting a lot with sharp exact-o blades. We will train.

The home-based studio working days are Wednesdays-Fridays, 9:45-5:00, and the studio is located in Brooklyn Heights.

This is an unpaid internship. Academic credit can be arranged for students.